Fugitive Autistic Filmmaking was conceived by Scotty Holman, a recently diagnosed young adult Aspergian coping with life and career from a decidedly neurodiverse perspective.  FAF is a collaboration factory for artistic projects among people whose paths might never otherwise cross.

After struggling with undiagnosed autism for 25 years, Scotty now writes and speaks publicly about his life with autism, inspiring greater understanding and acceptance.  His work, featured in Forbes, Autism Speaks, WrongPlanet.net  and Autism after 16.com has helped establish Scotty as part of a new wave of self-analytic, young Aspie adult writers, artists and filmmakers chronicle a compelling perspective of neurodiverse daily life.  


Lyrica: Psychiatry's Best Kept Secret  3:41

In this offbeat and humorous episode of Fugitive Autistic Filmmaking, I document my response to a medication which is not FDA approved for treating mental health conditions, yet miraculously relieves my depression and anxiety, while also stabilizing my mood. Lyrica's staggering effect on such wide ranging symptoms allows me to discontinue three other medications. I have comfortably replaced them with with two little capsules of Lyrica a day!




Scotty - Life From A Personal; Perspective

Scotty Holman is the creative force behind F.A.F. , a collaboration factory for guerrilla artistic projects connecting people whose paths might never otherwise cross.



Educating Law Enforcement - Im Not On PCP  - 14:36

First Responders receive training to recognize and understand atypical behavior.  This video has been used by police departments for training purposes because it offers insight into the situational dynamics as well as the thought processes of an Aspergian. Please share it to help prevent needless brutality  resulting from misinterpretation of neurotypical behavior

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Meltdown  1:14

An autistic meltdown can be very confusing and disturbing to those unfamiliar with autism.  In fact, it can be downright scary.  In part 1, Scotty is having a minor meltdown but has the presence of mind to capture it on video. In part 2, he explains what transpired.


"I had not had a meltdown in well over a month and was so proud of myself.

Well, I was bound to come apart eventually."

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Two Aspies Having Fun  0:41

Messing around with Alex, a friend's kid


Medicating A Mysterious Condition  6:45

Anxiety... meltdowns... medication

WARNING: I'm not a doctor.... my agent told me Im supposed to say that.


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Date With A Court  5:35

Scotty's fear of security check points turns a simple court visit into a fiasco when his nervousness is confused with being on drugs

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I'm A Good Driver  0:32

“Scotty,” she said, “why don’t you act like you’re a good driver?” While initially irritated by her suggestion, I forced myself to consider it on the ride to the DMV. By God, she was right! I was neither confident nor capable, but a stranger had no way of knowing this. I could fake it!

√  Read An Excellent Driver  originally published in Forbes Dec 23, 2011