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Citizen Autistic   IMDB

A critical examination of the autism self advocacy movement 

An indictment of Autism Speaks - the best-known and best-funded autism advocacy organization


The film's premise is that Autism Speaks has been draining communities of funds and resources that could be providing much needed relief and assistance to individuals and families. It exposes how Autism Speaks relies on propaganda and myths to fund their genetic research  Featured commentary by: Ari Ne'eman of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, Landon Bryce of thAutcast, Author/Artist Robyn Steward, Shannon Des Roches Rosa of a Thinking Person's Guide to Autism, Paula Durbin-Westby of the Autism Acceptance Day, and other autism self advocates.


The University of London (through the Center for Audience Research and Education) 

First Annual Autistic Film Festival, Seattle
Alexandria Film Festival
Ambitious About Autism Online Festival 



Special education teacher, autism activist and documentary filmmaker William Davenport has a specialty - he's great at teaching filmmaking to people on the spectrum.

In 2011 his feature documentary  "Too Sane for This World" provides firsthand stories told by twelve adults on the spectrum, ages 19 to 68. The film was shown at festivals around the globe. The film originated from my work with a San Francisco based organization called AASCEND (Autism, Aspergers Syndrome Coalition for Education Networking and Development.) 


"People need to know about great organizations, such as ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network) and AASCEND"

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