Trent Altman is an abstract, expressionistic artist who creates with brilliant color and texture on canvases.  

His image Abstract Garden was one of two chosen chosen from American artists for a postage stamp series honoring World Autism Awareness Day 2012. Trent is  McCarton Foundation NYC Artist Award Honoree, and the subject of a Kentucky Education Television (KET) documentary, An Art for Expression

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KET TV coverage  - segment begins at minute 18:55


"I am an expressionistic abstract artist working in acrylics and mixed media collage on canvas. I reach within myself and share with you my creations. My paintings display an emphasis and commitment to the process of art making over and above the product. Experiencing my work you will notice a freedom of expression, movement, and energy through the multiple methods in applying paint and collage materials. With each piece, I discover avenues of moods and emotions. The viewer of my work is drawn into the wonder of the how, what and why of the process that brought the piece to life.  For me, the process of creating rises above all else as I make art to nurture my mind, heart, and soul.




Though I have autism, I live in my own house next door to my uncle with a roommate and friend, Jason. I work in the Pets Department at Meijer. My job is to restock, feed, and care for the pets, gerbils, and birds. When at home or visiting my mom, I like to ride my bike and walk my dog, Katie a Golden Retriever. I love taking care of her. My favorite outings are going to movies, shopping for Nike shirts, and eating out at restaurants. I like comedy movies with my favorite actors like Martin Lawrence, Adam Sandler, and Jim Carrey. My favorite foods are hamburgers and pizza. My best friends are other artists, and my two brothers Todd and Travis."

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