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  • Love and human rights
  • Can you make a movie while having mental illness? 
  • A former bully speaks out.... eloquently
  • A scientist explains synesthesis... a mysterious condition in terms any layperson can understand
  • An experienced filmmaker gives us a view of the world from inside autism
  • When advocacy fails,  turn to lobbying
  • Why would a healthy, comfortable middle aged man commit suicide?
  • Videos.... movies.... rants by our editor Michael Leventhal .... an interactive website hosted by someone who just committed suicide.... A new video series, exclusive at CBTV, Life From My Perspective ;  Autism Q and A in which Scotty Holman offers personal insights and advice to friends and readers.  


     T he campaign to approve Washington state Ref 74    

    The campaign to approve Washington state Ref 74

    Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ gay rights anthem “Same Love” won the award for “Best Video with a Social Message” at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn.

         Scotty examines your life

      Scotty examines your life

    Life from my perspective. 

    Scotty Holman, a recently diagnosed, young adult Aspergian attempting to cope, sees life through a decidedly neurodiverse perspective.  

    Or does he?


    Scotty has started answering questions through Youtube. Whether the topic is urinals, sensory issues, nerve pain, anxiety, emotions, sexuality, dating, schizophrenia or dentures, Scotty has some advice that might just help you.

    "Today I can make an extraordinary claim; I have been blessed with a difficult life. After all, who would I be had my years passed with ease?" 



    Why would a healthy and successful person commit suicide?

     Ask former columnist for the Kansas City Star, Martin Manley author, creator of the NBA’s Efficiency Index, a measure that is still in use who, on June 11, 2012, decided to end his life on his 60th birthday.

     Today is August 15, 2013. Today is my 60th birthday. Today is the last day of my life. Today, I committed suicide. Today, is the first day this site is active, but it will be here for years to come

    Martin Manley - I Died Today; Celebrating A Suicide



    Can you make a movie while having mental illness? 
    Bud Clayman is doing it.

    Will making a documentary about your mental illness change your life? Maybe.



    Concerned about bullying at your school?

    Here's my recommendation.  Kick off your student sensitivity program with this video by Canadian poet Shane Koyczan. 

    His spoken-word poem "To This Day" which has captivated millions captures the pulse of what it's like to be young and ... different.  It is sure to result in a continuing and productive peer dialogue.


     Tags: Synesthesia, poetry,literature, painting, photography

    Tags: Synesthesia, poetry,literature, painting, photography

    Does color exist? Do things have inherent, static smells, tastes, sounds and colors, or do our own minds create them?

    Dr. Jamie Ward gives us a " taste" of  the more than 60  different varieties of synesthesia - ranging from the most common number-color synesthesia to recently discovered mirror-touch


    What is "normal" for the human mind?

    A new PBS documentary by Adam Larson filmmake takes you into the minds of people on the Spectrum, including 4 year-old Violet, a teenager Nicholas and Paula a mother and middle-aged housewife.



    I had been posting about technology for autism for several years when I came across a man whose vision and dedication led to the creation of  The Americans with Disabilities Act.   I had never before taken time to reflect on the significance of this legislation. Only now, while operating my own website advocating for the use of technology with autism, did I consider its impact.  I soon realized that without the ADA, we wouldn't have much technology to discuss.  because, despite a desperate need for special products and services, the market was small.   After its passage, soaring demand stimulated the rapid growth of a new industry.

    Michael Leventhal finds something new to rant about

    Experience the world through the eyes of other talented artists here on CBTV

    Neurodiversity... Think about it