The experts said,  Lisa, ... your child is autistic....everything you are doing as a parent is wrong....

"I believe we need to rethink the autism spectrum because Lisa is my mother.....I am that child on the Autism Spectrum." 


Chris Varney began advocating as a 16-year-old Youth Ambassador for World Vision. He became National Co-Director of World Vision's youth movement and later, the 2009 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations.


Recipient of the 2011 Monash University Student Alumni Award, the 2012 National Award for Youth in Advancing the Legal Rights and Interests of Children and Young People and the 2012 Future Justice Medal.

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His book Dear Kevin, a collection of children and young people’s stories from across Australia has been used extensively in child rights advocacy campaigns since 2009 and served as the basis for the 2011 Listen to Children NGO Shadow Report presented to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.


"I wonder if our tendency to mark kids... to label... to hold them back is starving the da Vincis of today" 

"We all have a role in a child's "I Can" network"