""Something unexpected and original lies around every creative corner... Ive tried the alternatives and they can be messy. So its rational mind off, creative juices plugged in and Lets GO.""


Times Square, New York City  2012 


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Post with Frank Louis Allen



I am a partially-sighted artist on the Spectrum who is slowly losing his vision to a disease of the retina. 'The Doodle shall Prevail' I scream as I pick up my pen and run into the night..... 

I have an eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa which will one day render me blind yet I am determined to keep on creating my art.





"I have found art to be a great way to encourage disabled people like myself to keep creating. My style of work is to let the subconscious decide what the picture will be, by fully relaxing and enjoying the lines"  

"I never really got on with Graphic Design, I wanted to do images like this, due to either the Autism or the Inattentive ADD I couldn’t see me plugging in to what clients where actually asking for or Lecturers for that matter."


"I’m not a big writer or a talker really but I do like to share my creations. Be they Visual or Musical, I hope they are Art"

"I do not like to follow rules of any sort when I am composing in either medium. It lets the Art drive you all the way with me."