"Let's All Go to the Lobby"

1953 animated advertisement before the beginning of the main film. Animated by Dave Fleischer (Popeye cartoons) and produced by Filmack Studios Lyrics: Jack K. Tillar to the folk song "We Won't Be Home Until Morning" Filmack Chorus and Orchestra

qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law





"When I Was A Kid......" Internationally acclaimed Canadian poet Shane Koyczan's powerful message of bullying and survival, illustrated by animators from around the world.

"So tell me... what's it like to be retarded?" and other stupidity.  A beautiful person on the inside explains how people only see the "Unperson" on the outside. A personal video statement by Silentmiaow

"Stick with me and find out what it really means to be autistic" -  13 year-old Rosie introduces kids to the world that is ever-so-slightly different. A fun, award-winning BBC special for kids of all ages 



‘Mr. Dery, you are never going to walk again” - Disabled filmmaker Brian Dery examines the extraordinary nature of ordinary people.  


"I'm Endearing... that makes me autistic...ish."  - Kevin Lucas shares the lighter side of the "other side"

Our Battle Hymn  From profoundly autistic to youngest graduate of American Intercontinental University

This is my story. This is our struggle, heartache, perseverance and faith.This is our battle hymn."  Lyrics, music and video by David Pedemonte-Forte, 


The experts said,  Lisa, ... your child is autistic. Everything you are doing as a parent is wrong.... Lisa is my mother.....I am that child on the Autism Spectrum." 

A Tedx Talk by child advocate Chris Varney about why we need to rethink the autism spectrum



Why the world needs neurodiversity -

John Elder Robison, internationally acclaimed author and lecturer on the contributions of neurodiverse people.


Fugitive Autistic Filmmaking casts a jaundiced eye at ..... -The world through the eyes of Scotty Holman, a recently diagnosed young adult Aspergian coping with life and career from a decidedly neurodiverse perspective.


Educating Law Enforcement;  Im Not On PCP - Why do encounters often escalate into confrontation?  - A valuable, first-person explanation from Scotty Holman, as to why neurotypical behavior is easy to misinterpret. 

The Overview Effect 

First described by author Frank White in 1987, is a transformative experience described by astronauts’ is a feeling of awe for the planet and a profound understanding of the interconnection of all life.  This short film is a prelude to Planetary Collective’s forthcoming feature documentary  ‘Continuum’ due for release in 2013.


Asperger's Is... Asperger's Isn't Dr. Sheldon Horowitz of the National Center For Learning Disabilities offers an excellent overview of Asperger's Syndrome 

 Lacie Green - Breaking DNews:   Scientist conclude Introverts and Extroverts Have Different Brains - Duh!!

Lacie Green - Breaking DNews: 

Scientist conclude Introverts and Extroverts Have Different Brains - Duh!!