Life From My Perspective

Scotty Holman

"Today I can make an extraordinary claim; I have been blessed with a difficult life. After all, who would I be had my years passed with ease?" 



Scotty Holman, a recently diagnosed, young adult Aspergian attempting to cope, sees life through a decidedly neurodiverse perspective.  Or does he? 

                     Let Scotty examine your life

                  Let Scotty examine your life

After struggling undiagnosed for 25 years, Scotty began writing and speaking publicly about his life with autism hoping to inspire greater understanding and acceptance for autism.  His articles for Forbes, Autism Speaks, WrongPlanet and Autism after established Scotty as part of a new wave of self-analytic, young Aspie adult writers, artists and filmmakers chronicle a compelling perspective of neurodiverse daily life.  



Now Scotty and CBTV have teamed up to develop Fugitive Autistic Filmmaking an idea factory  and artists' studio encouraging collaboration among people whose paths might never otherwise cross.


The world needs all kinds of people


Friends and fans are always asking for advice.  Here Scotty addresses some recent posts

Flushing Urinals, Sensory Issues and Grade School

Autism QA 1: Flushing Urinals, Sensory Issues and Grade School

Aug 20, 2013

Today's question comes from Randy who's nine year-old aspie son is having some troubling sensory issues in the John.



Nerve Pain and Anxiety Concerns an Aspie Grandma

Autism QA 2: Nerve Pain and Anxiety Concerns an Aspie Grandma

Aug 20, 2013

This question is from Vicki, an aspie grandma concerned about her son's chronic nerve pain and anxiety.


Emotions, Emotional Recognition and being "Robotic"

Autism QA 3: Emotions, Emotional Recognition and being "Robotic"

Aug 22, 2013

HolyShiftKey1  says, "I have so little emotion that most people feel like I'm robotic, I don't really get angry or depressed hardly ever, but I'm also very rarely happy or joyful, have you ever experienced any problems having no emotions at all?"


On Being Gay and Autistic, Dating and Sex

Autism QA 4: On Being Gay and Autistic, Dating and Sex

Aug 23, 2013

Daniel Watanabe writes, "I'm gay and I was diagnosed Schizoaffective when I was 25. I have a question. When do I tell a guy that your dating about your disability? Do I tell the after we have sex or before? I'm at the point where I'm looking for my mate and I want to know from someone who has experience."


Schizophrenia, Dentures, and Living in a Psychiatric

Autism QA 5: Schizophrenia, Dentures, and Living in a Psychiatric Hospital... aka - Mental illness, life in the loony bin and... dentures?

Aug 23, 2013

In today's episode I sit down with "Gypsy Bobo," a resident in the psychiatric care facility in which I live. Gypsy has some hilarious and insightful things to share with us!

 What is the Difference Between Asperger's, ADHD, OCD, etc...?

Autism QA 6 -  What is the Difference Between Asperger's, ADHD, OCD, etc...?

Aug 27, 2013

"I have said before that I do not believe in autism; I believe in individuals. To be fair, I have encountered enough people diagnosed with autism that I now know it when I see it... for the most part. But what am I seeing and identifying? It is nearly impossible to say. I know when a person is eccentric, though I do not need a diagnostic manual notice their eccentricity. I know when a person is charismatic, but I couldn't identify a specific set of criteria met by all charismatic people. The essence of an individual cannot be captured by a label."


Autistic Dope Fiend

Autism QA  7 - Autistic Dope Fiend

Aug 29, 2013

 A riveting 10 minutes.   Scotty speaks from the heart.... and from personal experience. 

"Making this video was a very emotional experience and I will admit that I am quite nervous about how it will be received. The experiences I relate here are ones which I have only shared with a handful of people that I have known and trusted for a very long time. Now I'm offering them to all of you. I hope you will watch and share this video and that it will make you think, feel, and reconsider..."


Religion, Sexual Identity and Autistic Logic

Autism QA  8 - Religion, Sexual Identity and Autistic Logic

Aug 31, 2013

Today's question comes from one of my very best friends, Chuy Munoz, who wanted to know if having the characteristically logical autistic mind and being gay influences my perspective on religion.


"I am a pantheist. Albert Einstein, who is believed to have been autistic, was certainly a pantheist, and articulated this belief beautifully and succinctly: "A human being is part of the whole called by us universe... We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive."