A Prose Anthology

(Prose:  words that don't rhyme... at least they don't have to)



An Excellent Driver 

Originally published in Forbes Dec 23, 2011




“Are you saying I’m uni-polar? Is that actually a diagnosis?


Communication Breakdown: Hacking Autism Provides a Dose of Technology – Parts I & II

First published in Autism speaks October 17 & 21, 2011

And more coming soon:

  • A Life-Threatening Case of ADHD
  • A Rather Queer Year
  • All God’s Children- Celebrating Diversity in Neurology
  • All God’s Children
  • All the Kings Horses
  • An Introduction to Fugitive Autistic Filmmaking
  • ASPIE LETTER For Attwood Project
  • At the tender age of fifteen
  • Autism’s Battle Scars
  • Autistics Do It Better
  • Book Proposal With Letter From John
  • Columnist_review
  • Compromise
  • Crisis Plan Temp
  • Delerious Kite
  • Dissociated in a Roomful of Teddy Bears
  • Executive Dysfunction
  • FORBESWOMAN the good it brought me
  • Geek Chic
  • Go Home Sailor
  • HeTouched Me or The Misadventures of an Aspie in Church
  • In Their Own Words – My Neurotypical Costume
  • Inside Out
  • Interview
  • Jail Photo Tour
  • Love Yourself
  • Love Yourself First Parts 1 & 2
  • Not Today.
  • Notes On Religion
  • Our new columnist
  • Post Traumatic Poetry
  • Reflection
  • Scotty Holman - A Real Boy 
  • Self-advocacy in preverbal teenager
  • Since my early adolescent years I have been a reluctant guinea pig for the psychiatric industry
  • Subject The social pitfalls of religious discussion
  • The Pinocchio Letters- Extended Summary
  • To have Asperger Syndrome is to feel as if you roam the world in an antique diving suit.
  • To the greatest fans an aspie could hope for
  • Traveling with children
  • Web Talk Radio
  • Whats up with the uppers? Exploring ASD ADHD and Stimulant Therapy
  • Where Have I Been All My Life
  • Will work for food
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Scotty Holman is part of a new wave of self-analytic, young Aspie adult writers, artists and filmmakers articulating the Neurodiverse experience whose "in the moment" blogging offers a compelling perspective of daily life. The combined body of their work forming a first-person chronicle of life on the Human Spectrum.