Don't you just LOVE being insulted every day by well-meaning people?


"What are you, retarded?"


"Can you count these toothpicks?" 


"Autistic people are so honest and authentic"


"I like Autistic people almost as much as I like real people"


"Autistic people are so... refreshing and real"

"I didn't mean like retarded retarded... 
I just meant retarded"


"Just get over it!"



Every statement written in the script for this video has actually been said to an Autistic person's face.
None of these are made up. They are all real. Watch the video, share the link, and please don't be this person. 

- StimNation 


 Miriam and Hank

Miriam and Hank

Miriam M. is a 21 year old artist and perceptual thinker.   At age 9 she was diagnosed as being high functioning Asperger's.  Miriam did not accept her diagnosis for 10 years at which time she experienced a huge mega meltdown.  After reading about Aspergers for herself,  learned to accept her Asperger's and wants to share her experiences as an asperger female with others.

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"Taking Flight" Oil on Canvas 36inx48in By Miriam Morrissette


From Miriam's blog:

Friday, July 19, 2013

10 Things I Do to Help Calm Myself Down After an Autistic Meltdown.

1.       Hide under my bed.      

2.      Rock in my rocking chair.

3.      Snuggle with a stuff animal either in the rocking chair or under the covers until I feel better.

4.      Watch one of my favorite TV Show’s such as “The Office” or “Doctor Who” and rock.

5.      Go for a walk with my dog.

6.      Paint.

7.      Knit and rock in my rocking chair while I knit!

8.      I read a book or listen to a book on tape.

9.      I take a long, hot bubble bath until I feel calm.

10.     I go swing on my swing. 

How about you? What do you do to calm yourself down after an autistic meltdown? Which ones work best and why?