“I see the world through little details.
I must add each of these details, one after the other, to have a general view of things.”



Luna has Asperger’s Syndrome and is relatively high functioning.  She also has significant cognitive issues.

 “I have some troubles with space and time, and it’s difficult for me sometimes to understand where noises come from. I can go home after my work and I often don’t recognize my own flat. It’s more dramatic when I go away for the whole weekend: I need several minutes to re-appropriate my apartment, otherwise I begin to panic.

“I don’t really recognize myself in a mirror. I’m a “puzzle-woman”, like I was made of different pieces. I mean, it’s like I was a living camera without a body, or just a head and nothing else under. I can see my hand writing on the keyboard but it could be somebody else’s body parts. Strange, hey?”



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Luna’s photography is featured in the book “The Art of Autism: Shifting Perceptions"

Courtney Bent can be contacted through her website


This following is excerpted from a report by The Art Of Autism on an essay by Dr. Scott Standifer, entitledReflecting Autism: Autistic Fixation Shapes Photographer’s Unique Images.


The ART of AUTISM is a social-entrepreneurship project that connects artists and performers of all ages on the autism spectrum with opportunities and venues to showcase their varied talents. It is committed to promoting artists and educating the general public and by helping artists through mentorships, building  resumes, portfolios, and direct work experience in the arts.


Dr. Scott Standifer is a Clinical Instructor in the Disability Policy & Studies office of the University of Missouri. He is the author of Adult Autism & Employment: A guide for vocational rehabilitation professionals. He can be reached at standifers@health.missouri.edu. He also posts on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AutismEmployment.