An Operatic Tattoo

My first Bald Art outing…  Lilou agreed to get the ball(d) rolling with an operatic tattoo. The notes are from “Castanet Song” from Carmen (although your probably wouldn’t have guessed). She WAS going to write the lyrics underneath, but as you will see further down the page, Mr Bizet was in “Tim Rice” mode the day he wrote it…

Posing proudly behind us is “Opera Garnier”.



The art on my head takes the form

Of an art that is fleeting and shorn

Of lasting ambition

Or meaning or mission

Just wipe for a canvas reborn


So far, the tattooed bald head has had quite some success in making Paris smile:

  • An usher at Grand Rex Cinema who wanted one just like it on HIS bald head.
  • A guy settling down for the night in the Metro who just couldn’t stop laughing… Although he MAY have been laughing at something else entirely. Hard to tell.
  • A group of friends having a friendly bet as to whether it was permanent or not.
    At least I hope it was a friendly bet and that the glum looking girl hadn’t just lost her home.



The Fear of Change

A fear of change
Of shifting sands
Showed me life
Through frightened eyes

Life was frozen
Safety primed
I gave myself
A crippled life

And now

The unexpected
Gives me life
To overcome
Is to survive

The courage gained
Feeds my soul
It drives my future
It drives my world