My Mom, by Sam: My mom dreams about joyful children

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"So often, as we struggle to help our children acquire new skills, explain and re-explain the neurobiological nature of ADHD to friends and strangers, and work to provide positive reinforcement and love to our children when what we want to do is scream and/or disappear...our efforts feel unnoticed and unappreciated" 

My mom dreams about happy children
Natalie Knochenhauer on ADHD Aware


I received this poem today from my 12 year old son, Sam, for Mother's Day five days late. For mothers of children with ADHD, however, the miracle is often that school papers arrive home at all - never mind when they were actually intended to reach us. I'm sharing my son's words because quite frankly they took my breath away and made me feel lucky to be his mom.



My Mom
By Sam

My mom is loving and caring.
My mom wonders about ADHD.
My mom hears her family laughing.
My mom sees her children playing.
My mom wants all of us to be happy.
My mom is loving and caring.
My mom likes making us happy.
My mom worries about her kids in school.
My mom smiles at people in her non profit program.
My mom understands we have ADHD.
My mom is loving and caring.
My mom says try your best.
My mom dreams about joyful children.
My mom tries to make school easy.
My mom hopes we are happy and healthy.
My mom is loving and caring.


Today, I realized that my children - and your children - notice all that we do for them. They are thankful that we try to make schools more hospitable and productive for them; they appreciate our efforts to help them attain happiness in friendships and are most grateful that we understand that they have ADHD.

So, Happy Mother's Day, three days late, to all the moms raising children with ADHD on behalf of your children with ADHD. I believe Sam is speaking for all your children to remind you that you are loved, appreciated and critical to your child's success and sense of wellbeing.

In strength and solidarity,


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