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Ps. We are listening


The presumption is

You speak, you are smart

That when you don't,

Then you tease societies

Ideas of what intelligence

Really should feel like,

But can they totally ignore?

The bodies, minds and ears

So attuned to the world

So afraid to be hurt

That are listening

That are watching

Through covered ears

And peripheral eyes

So be careful with your words

We know more than you think.


Allow Me Calmness

When rage overcomes me 

I abhor the behavior

That my aberrant body

Wreaks on my family and home

That my fast anger gets better of me

Only anger is a tall order to follow

Only listless is my control on myself

I see red and lick shooting flames

Anger consumes me, not listening

To reason or plead for calm

Would that I could, I would change

I hate when anger consumes me

I prefer to smile

I prefer to stay calm.