Michael is a retired Special Educator and advocate for the use of technology with autism education.

Nobody pays much attention to him.  
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So what does Michael ramble, rant and rave  about?  Practically anything.  

Snake Oil and other foolishness

Pretend for a moment that we both have Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder (ADHD).
Bounce along from thought to thought with me.

Lets's begin with a fun discussion of frontal lobotomy

Remember... every drug that loses FDA approval.... was originally approved by the FDA. In the 1950s, over half a million people with disabilities lived in institutions. The movement to release people into group homes or their own homes, begun in the 1970s, continues and is still controversial.


ADHD Theme Music

How have our perceptions of mental illness and treatment changed over the past century? 

Most people think of ADHD as simply the inability to "sit still".  Actually ADHD is a bit more complicated than that.  With a little time and understanding, you can recognize and even appreciate the amplified emotions of living with ADHD.

Our human chain is comprised of unique links

The entire world is Neurodiverse.  Always has been... always will be. Thank you Mendel, Darwin, James Watson  and Francis Crick.  

However one chooses to define it, the core values of the Neurodiversity Movement are in keeping with the spirit of the ADA.   The Neurotypical Movement is not an oxymoron. To the contrary - ATs are only calling attention to themselves in order to make the statement that they are just like everyone else...... different

 (this entry is being revised)

Read the Eight Principles of Neurodiversity by Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D. The American Institute for Learning and Human Development


Comics!  Big Deal! 

I was at a yard sale. An old newspaper caught my eye.  It was a yellowed college rag from 1970.  How To Save The World and Why!  was an article about Byron Preiss, a man with a comic book and a dream who built an educational publishing empire and promoted technology for education along the way.  

I was fascinated enough to check him out.  The obit on the Internet said he died in a car accident on the Long Island Expressway.  How do you like that? I just met the guy and already he's  dead.



Snapshot  Of  A  Grammy  Winner

Rambin' Jack Elliot.  Protege` of Woody Guthrie.He's my first cousin who I haven't see since 1957 when I was 12.  And now I'm 64,  sitting across from the legend himself.  What do I say?





What's So Special About Special Education?

Contemplating Special Education makes me think about my childhood toy Slinky.  In theory it work fine.  In the real world, it's been a snarled  mess.  It is indeed getting better.... I think.  This is my version of the history of Special Education .... it bears little resemblance to reality . 


 The Dancing Butterfly

During winter break of her senior year at college, the Jeep she was riding in veered off an embankment and rolled over killing her... the only passenger without a seat belt. The funeral was held on Long Island on the coldest, windiest day I can recall.