"Through the... process, we saw these unique individuals come out of their shells and work together to create an entertaining, heartfelt, funny, and enlightening piece of musical theater. It was astonishing and truly worthy of the standing ovation the kids received at the end of their final performance"

Aaron Feinstein Director of the Miracle Project New York 



                                                                                                  ACTION PLAY
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 As a child, Aaron struggled with an auditory disability and found that theater and music programs offered an accepting environment to connect him socially and academically with his peers. In 2004 while living in Los Angeles, Aaron met Elaine Hall, who encouraged him to bring his passion and talents in theater and music to the autism community. Aaron was co-director with Elaine of the pilot Miracle Project after-school program, which became the subject of the 2 time Emmy award winning documentary “Autism: The Musical”

 Aaron Feinstein

Aaron Feinstein

Aaron Feinstein is The Director of the Miracle Project New York and Actionplay - an organization dedicated to transforming museums programs and spaces to meet the unique needs of children with autism.,

He has created sensory-friendly programming for children with autism and developmental disabilities at The Brooklyn Museum and The Brooklyn Children's Museum, and has directed the Miracle Project's inclusive theatre and music programming at the 92nd Street Y, Rebecca School, and Educational Alliance among many other leading schools, arts, and performance institutions. Reach him on twitter @thefeinstein

A brief trailer depicting the exciting work of The Miracle Project, Musical Theatre Program for Special Needs and Typical Kids. The project was recently documented in a feature film called Autism:The Musical


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