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I Married A Geek- Maripat's Blog

What's it like to be married to one of the best known nerds on the planet? Well, what you see IS always what you get. He's loyal, reliable, and smarter than anyone else I know. He's also maddeningly logical, and brutally blunt. Social skills? Judge for yourself. But he's my geek, and I love him dearly. Life with John Elder Robison and other musings.


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Not your typical couple.

Speaker, writer, poet, seeker, healer with feet firmly planted in two worlds, Maripat Robison offers readers a unique perspective on the fun, challenging, frustrating, loving, heart-wrenching, but ultimately rewarding bumper-car ride of marriage to John Elder Robison one of the world's foremost Aspies... sound engineer...  exploding guitar builders, exotic car mechanics, electronic games inventor, advocate, writer and public speaker.   




Dedicated to Margaret Robison (John's Mom)


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And here's another teary mother
she said to the room

as if the value of those tears

was something to apologize for

as if the relevance of her tears 

was something to apologize for

Here was love cracked open

by her unbearable anguish for her child

and her unbearable judgment of herself

Another teary mother filling lakes

in which her child could float

May love enfold her and the world

be a tissue to absorb her lessons



Dedicated to John Scott Holman


I opened my veins

for you today

and left a puddle

of myself

Dip in a toe

and you'll find

some of yourself

in here too

And we can 

tread together

in waves of

pain and redemption 

pain and redemption




My silence 

is deafening 

to the world

And the  world

Is deafening 

to me




You're so drained

from trying 

to appear

as others' define


Can we let

the definitions

roll away?

Then we can 


and find in that

our common ground.

There's no fear

in breathing.

Does the wind say,

"Am I blowing OK?"



Every fall
Every dream
Every step
Every nod
Every word
Every kindness
Every prayer
Every act 
Every solace 
Every tear 
Every heart swell
Every smile

Every fall
builds a path to climb

Every dream
a gossamer thread to hold

Every step
a footprint to guide others

Every nod
an imprint of friendship

Every word
A sounding for humanity

Every kindness
boon to elevate the soul 

Every act
a speck of dust containing a world

Every solace
a fragrant planting

Every  tear
a drink to share

Every heart swell
Life's  breath itself

Every smile
A bridge to our destination




What if treetops 

were beneath our feet

and walking upon  them

our usual way?




Why do you
expect me 
to do things 
I can't do?
Your language
of expressions
and gestures
is Russian
to my French.
you could
learn French