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The people behind the art




Abie Rotenberg 

is a prolific Orthodox Jewish musician, composer and entertainer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has been producing music since the mid-1970s with a style which has been described as "soft and sweet" with a strong folk influence. Wikipedia

Brian Dery  

story-teller, producer specializes in creating documentaries that bring awareness to those with physical and neurological disorder

David Pedemonte-Forte  Artist, musician and filmmaker 

Erik Estabrook  Poet, blogger, Talk Radio with co-host Sandra Fuentes Lang


Fugitive Autistic Filmmaking coping with life from a decidedly neurodiverse perspective. 


Jodie van de Wetering  Author, storyteller


John Greally Âû  Co-founder of Autistic Spectrum New Zealand




Michael Leventhal  Educator, advocate for the use of technology with autism education.





Scott Lentine  Poet, advocate, lobbyist for people with developmental disabilities



Scotty Holman  Writer, blogger, filmmaker. Creator of Fugitive Autistic Filmmaking.



Shane Koyczan  Award-winning poet, performer, pubic speaker




Shares of the Day  My life as a Neurodiverse person in pictures and captions


Steve Selpal  Artist, designer. Recipient 2011  Naturally Autistic® People Awards



Jane Strauss   Photographer, community activist


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