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Rebecca by Jeremy Sicile-Kira


Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Autism Research Institute’s youth representative to the United Nations

Youth Leader for the Autistic Global Initiative

Co-author of A Full Life with Autism



"... I could not communicate and spent my days in a class for the severely handicapped.

Now I am going to college" 


Jeremy Sicile-Kira High school commencement speech


Excerpted from Jeremy's web page

I may look complicated on the outside, but the reality is that I’m really an easy-to-be-with  kind of guy.

..  my body does not respond to the commands I give it... (but)... my brain seems to have an idea of the nice things I would like to do. 

My visual processing makes it really hard for me to read and see.  



I see bright colors even in  dust.

People ask if I feel emotions and I do, I just can’t show them. Like when my mom helps me I am really grateful, but I can’t get my face to move to show it.  I can’t always get my muscles to move the way I want them to. The other day a support person thought I was crying, but I was actually happy.

Autism means a different way of experiencing  the world.