After 40 years of secrecy, one woman reveals her multiple personalities
and risks losing a lifelong friend.

But how can her friend be lost… when she may not actually exist?

An excerpt from A Roomful Of Teddy Bears : An Intimate Inquiry into a fragmented psyche a work in progress by "Scotty" Holman. 


A Roomful of Teddy Bears Pic !.jpg

Module 10A, Johnson County Adult Correctional Facility, June 24, 2012


What a dark mood I was in last night!  I’ve just finished eating lunch and my mood has improved substantially.  I needed sleep badly. 

This place seems designed to confound all hope and chase reason from the mind.  So many of the people who come through Mental Health Module 10A are severely mentally ill.  They do not seem to understand where they are or why they are here. They pace about exchanging paranoid glances and muttering jumbled..... 

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Scotty Holman is part of a new wave of self-analytic, young adult Aspie writers, artists and filmmakers articulating the Spectrum experience. Their "in-the-moment" blogging offers readers a first-person chronicle of living towards one end of the Human Spectrum.  

His numerous articles for Wrong Planet, Autism After 16,  Forbes and Wired have developed a dedicated Internet following among young adult Aspies and, despite his "edgy" quality,  parents  who find Scotty to be inspirational.