Gifted and talented students show the potential for performing at a remarkably high level of accomplishment intellectually and creatively when compared to others of the same age, experience, or environment.  They may exhibit an unusual capacity leadership  and excel in a specific academic field.
(74th legislature of the State of Texas, Chapter 29, Subchapter D, Section 29.121)

These children need outside instruction and development opportunities to expand their minds and become most useful to society and themselves.   Not only is it important to give the gifted the extra push which is beneficial to society, those students’ minds also operate in a unique way and require a different style of teaching. Wikipedia


Helmer van weederen is the world's first neuronomist, studies how individuals  the term he coined to describe the study of View YouTube. Select TRANSCRIPT for English translation

" I dream of a gifted, friendly society"


Helmer van Weederen believes people can improve their lives by understanding themselves better - a process that would be far easier if neurodiversity was considered the norm.  If that were the case, society would cherish rather than devalue personal differences. People would understand and better accept themselves.  Harnessing our dreams, talents, and ambitions is good both for us and for society.

"... being gifted ...  not .. better than another... simply different in perception, thought, emotion and determination.  Talent is not scarce. (it) is everywhere in an extraordinary diversity. As long as you properly look at it."


Establish a Human Development Fund.

through crowd-funding and fund raising

provide coaching so that their potential can be. realized. 

Improve the coaching itself from within.

First neuronoom

 empowerment and awareness of our neuro-diversity.

  • To learn from the extraordinary
  • orientation knowledge & expertise 
  • Examine  and remove blocks
  • work on inclusion and effective transformation of our human-unfriendly systems through social innovation.

Discover your giftedness

  • your skills and talents that go beyond your instance.
  • Recognizes the spark of a special interest, and you can specify a direction in which you could go look.
  • Encourages, helps you find ways to be your passion. Reality
  • Facilitates, can advise and assist you on your way.
  • Stretches on. Good mentors push you out of your comfort zone, past the point that you think of as extreme limit, but that they believe you can handle that.


The term neuronomy does not appear in any dictionary and has few research references on the Internet,    It appears in The Neurological Practice of Medicine Charles H. Hughes, MD, 1903

The Alienist and The Neurologist 

professor of neurology and

student of Asa Gray, Louis Agassiz, and Jeffries Wyman

Civil War surgeon for the 55th Black Massachusetts regiment

President of the American Neurological Association  1885 

surgeon for the men of the 55th Massachusetts regiment