Obsessed with the musical notes - Father's Day Medley - Quinn

Piano Hands  -  pencil drawing  by Jacqueline Mason



 "Change in self image, hmmm...  yes he is so proud of his ability in piano and math."


"He is obsessed with the musical notes. He finds patterns and little changes. He could spend hours talking about the written notes, scales, signatures, etc. its like chocolate to him." 


"He also likes to convert music written for other instruments.. His musical memory is just astounding. Funny... reading musical notes and numbers are so easy for him and quick yet ask him what he just read in a book and it is so difficult for him. " 


Quinn began playing in November 2011. He took lessons locally once a week for a year then once a week from Susan Medinger of the New Music School of Chicago which has a strong internet presence. 

"Quinn has always been a hard worker- thanks to ABA but we do think it (playing piano) has greatly impacted his academic abilities. This year he got straight A's in all three trimesters except for one B+ . We think it has also helped with his speech/ vocabulary development. His math and memory are fantastic-  He is in the Explore level in math... that is the one level below the gifted track. His memory helped greatly with science and SS. His LA (language arts) class is they only class he has difficulty in. Reading comprehension is his Achilles'  Heel."

Quinn plays percussion in the band at Deerpath Middle School which has a very supportive music program