Diagnosed as profound autistic at the age of five, David graduated from Coral Reef Senior High, as a straight "A" student, and at age 20 became the youngest university graduate from American Intercontinental University in Weston, FL.  

" It's because of my mother and God's love for me that I was able to get this far... and for that, I am deeply in their debt." Our Battle Hymn , written and composed by David.  

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David  is an artist, musician and filmmaker from Florida.

"Hello, everyone. This is a small amateur music video that was shot by my nephew's iTouch camera, and was edited by me. The music composition, lyrics, and mixing are done by me. The singing done by me. The music, copy-written.

The premise of the story is based on my life, but is relating to almost everyone, especially those who's lives are affected by any type of disabilities, including autism. This is a message from myself representing men, women and children around the world of disabilities, to "normal" people. This is my story. This is our struggle, heartache, perseverance and faith.This is our battle hymn."

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 Strength Of Gold  David Pedemonte-Forte 

Strength Of Gold
David Pedemonte-Forte 

Artists With Autism Inc Deerfield Beach, FL - United States, is a Not For Profit, Networking group for artists on the spectrum. Currently with chapters in South Florida and West Chester, PA. The main goal of the organization is to provide guidance, expertise, and venue resources to aspiring artists with autism. 

For Membership and more information go to www.ArtistsWithAutism.org