Fight For The Young
Darren Cinque

War, hunger, abuse, abandonment.  Children caught up in wars - innocent children - the victim of politics.   Mothers sending their young sons off as soldiers. Will they ever see them again? These things that have always existed.  But I want to see an end to war.  We must learn to live in peace and harmony.  No more arms, no more wars!!!

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Mason Williams asks Darren about his passion for music on Let The Beat Hit You.   Darren says: "I'm currently working with my director in making my third video for my song "Fight for the Young".

It's a song that was inspired by the situation in Syria, that I wrote about a year ago. The message is that we have to stop the suffering of children affected by war, but not only, it also illustrates how young soldiers who are sent away to war  are affected and the mothers left behind hoping that their sons return......we still haven't learned anything from past wars.


Alone after a patchy love story, Australian singer/song-writer Darren Cinque made his home in Milan Italy where he found himself living alone experiencing an outpour of emotions and feelings, sorrow and hatred. Sitting at the piano Darren captured all these sentiments, putting them down onto paper and into words, harmony and melody.

A few years later Darren Cinque by chance met producer Giovanni Prolo. A synergy between them soon developed while they began working on various recordings, searching and gradually creating the sound that best represents Darren Cinque, rolled into a pop-rock style.

With the help of Luca Orsi, video-maker, together they gave birth to a black and white video filmed in the streets of Milan by night recapturing the heart felt moments of Darren's past.

Darren writes music and words and sings from the heart, each song telling a biographical story of his countless cold sleepless nights alone which evolved his debut single "Another Day".


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