‘Mr. Dery, you are never going to walk again”


In 1998, Brian Dery was on his way to a career in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles when developed  Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a virus that attacks the neurological system and turns the body against itself. Even with a series of 10 treatments, within three months “I’m completely paralyzed,” Brian recalls. “I’m 24 years old. This neurologist walks in and says, ‘Mr. Dery, you are never going to walk again.’”


After an extended recovery, Brian produced several short films projects for NASA, an experience that made him realize that his personal experience with disability and skills as a documentarian placed him in a unique position to spotlight other people who have overcome disability. In 2005, he and two friends formed Triple Knot Productions. “We make motivational inspirational films,” he says. “There’s tons of stories out there and I look forward to bringing them to film.”



Award winning  motivational documentaries 

Films with a purpose


When faced with life's obstacles and life-altering challenges, physical or mental, we are challenged to dig deep and summon the courage and strength to push forward to pursue our life's potential.

We all have the power inside to not only motivate ourselves, but also to motivate and influence others with whom we come into contact with. The world is filled with many people from all walks of life facing challenges and we should take the time to spread our stories of success to help inspire and motivate others in their struggles.



Soon to be released   "The Drop Off" 

A father is fighting overseas, a desperate mother, an innocent boy with autism. 

Based on true events