"...all people have gifts, something to contribute and that our community is richer when all of our citizens are valued for their contributions.  We have never lost this important principle."

Tierra Del Sol Foundation 



Harold Sakamoto - Landscape Of Fancy

Harold Sakamoto

Harold Sakamoto grew up in Sun Valley and has been participating in Tierra del Sol Foundation’s programs since 1985. Harold has created an impressive body of work over the years and is a naturally gifted fine artist. Harold’s work includes replicating photographs, reinterpreting other artist’s works, and creating fantasy portraits or narratives from his imagination. Working in a realistic yet whimsical style, Harold masters many mediums.  Some of these mediums include pastels, color pencil, charcoal, and watercolor. Harold’s unique style also translates wonderfully in his three-dimensional ceramic work. The arts have proved to be the area where Harold communicates the most. Harold has received outstanding recognition from his community and has exhibited his work regionally and nationally.



Tierra del Sol Foundation began 40 years ago in Sunland, California and has grown into a recognized leader in developing innovative, accredited services enabling adults with developmental disabilities to realize their greatest human potential.  Tierra del Sol helps more than 500 people across Los Angeles County overcome cognitive, physical, emotional or behavioral challenges resulting from developmental disability.