"...all people have gifts, something to contribute and that our community is richer when all of our citizens are valued for their contributions.  We have never lost this important principle."

Tierra Del Sol Foundation 


Bertha Castro - Payaso


Bertha Castro

 Bertha Castro arrived at her own style through studies in drawing, painting and sculpture.  She embraces the arts as a means of expression and experimentation. Castro’s keen power of observation is truly a gift of the self-taught artist. Her clever works focus on studies of life that create a sense of humor and drama. Her style is historically reminiscent of the great masters’ recordings of every day life, emotions, and events.  Common subject matter becomes extraordinary through the delicate handling of the materials and knowledge of the human condition.




Tierra del Sol Foundation began 40 years ago in Sunland, California and has grown into a recognized leader in developing innovative, accredited services enabling adults with developmental disabilities to realize their greatest human potential.  Tierra del Sol helps more than 500 people across Los Angeles County overcome cognitive, physical, emotional or behavioral challenges resulting from developmental disability.