The Art of Inclusion

A dialogue about autism through art



The autism advocacy community is growing. Much work remains to be done but it is difficult to engage the general public in constructive dialogue. 

Artist Gee Vero has started a public dialogue using BareFace, an incomplete image she offers up as the inspiration for artistic expression.  

She engages public figures by introducing herself and her son as examples of people on the autism spectrum. Then she offers them BareFace as a starting canvas on which they can complete an artistic statement about autism.  

What an elegant solution to a pressing problem!




Hundreds of public figures have already submitted their own "co-artist portraits" for an exhibition that has toured Europe and Australia and now the United States. At each stop, local autistic artists have been able to exhibit and sell their own work and sponsoring advocacy organizations have been able to increase membership and fundraise.

 Sir Ben Kinglsey

Sir Ben Kinglsey

 BareFace by Sir Ben Kingsley

BareFace by Sir Ben Kingsley


The Art of Inclusion - Gee Vero's site

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Madison House fund raiser


You can join with hundreds of other co-artists.  

Click here to download and print your own BareFace canvas. 

Then send it to us.

You can also use BareFace for your own advocacy efforts.  Contact us with your thoughts.