5 Famous autistic people throughout history

by James Armstrong

This page links to an article written by James Armstrong on Behalf of Autism Care UK via The Autism Support Network 


Can you guess the names of these 5 talent people
whose vision is indelibly etched on society and culture?

one of the most gifted musicians and composers the world has ever seen

one of the greatest artists ever to have lived

the most influential scientist who ever lived

one of the greatest poems ever written

one of the most revolutionary and accomplished artists ever known






 Ok...OK. Here's a few hints to help you.


One of the most enduringly popular pieces of literature ever produced



Leader and inspirion for the cubist movement

Precocious and astonishing; by the age of 5 he was composing pieces and performing for Royalty


He travels from city to city, welcomed by influential households, but never settling... obsessed with nature and water, optics and flight.

Hermit and tyrant, heretic and alchemist
BBC documentary